Vendor App Help Section: How to use the different features of the Vendor App?

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Once you are registered and you have your profile ready. You can update your profile with different features from the app.

The app has different categories.

We’ll look into each of the category and its features. BoaGoa Profile:

With these feature you can set your profile up at ease the way it will be displayed on the

BoaGoa App. You can change your profile photo, edit your contact , profile and location details via this feature.

Products and Services: This feature enables you to configure your products and services for potential customers. To avail this feature you must upgrade your plan by visiting the account setting of the page.

Here are the Steps for you to Upgrade your Plan if you want the product feature to be enabled:

Click on the profile logo as shown in the image below and tap on the account settings option.

Once you have done this, you will get the following choices to upgrade your plan. Tap of whichever one you want to and upgrade your plan and get excess to our new features.

Photo Gallery: This feature enables you upload photos of business to be shown on the BoaGoa for your potential customers to be seen.  Click on view more to open your photo gallery and upload photos for your profile.

Click on to the + button to add photos for your profile to be shown on the BoaGoa App.