Vendor App Help Section: How to use product features of the Vendor App?

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Once you have logged into the vendor app, you will see subsections of different features. One feature that will be visible is the products feature of the app as shown below.

Tap on the view more button to start using the features.

Once tapped and opened you will see the following:

Click on the + button to start listing the products and services of your business to be shown on the BoaGoa App.

After clicking on the + button you will be directed to a section as shown in the above photo.

Start filling in the various details of your product like the code, the name of the product, a brief description, insert an image of the product from your device, further on state the price and add tags for the products and save the details to be shown on your profile on the BoaGoa app. If the prices of your products are fixed and will not change , kindly enable the fixed price button so the clients know it.

An example of how you are suppose to fill in your product details is shown in the above image. Once you are done inserting the details do not forget to tap onto the save button to save your details.