Vendor App Help Section: How to get yourself registered onto the BoaGoa Vendor App / Site?

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Step 1: Download the Vendor App from the App store or get access to it with the link below: Once you have the access to the app or the link, you will have it opened to the sign up page. You have to sign up in order to create a profile for your business.

Fill in the details as mentioned and Agree to the terms and conditions and sign up.

Once you do this you will have to sign in with your registered email address and password.

After You Are signed in . If your account is still inactive a verification mail will be sent to your email ID. Click on the link and verify it and get signed in.

Once you have signed in into your account you will have to start filling in the details as follows:

Complete the step 1 by filling in details like your Business Name, a brief description about it and what category would you like it to belong to.

Continue filling in the other details and complete the remaining steps.

Once this step is completed you can tap on create profile and your profile will be created.

You can start adding on more details about your business and have fun!

Manage your business with ease with all the features provided in the Vendor App for you.