Guidelines For Business

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1. Business Name
A “Business name” is the means by which our users can identify your work or service.
• Business names need to be written as they are registered.
• Business name should not include the tagline of your business. Eg. If your business name is “Heaven – where dreams come true”, only “Heaven” can be used as business name.

2. Category
Category of your business
• Select an appropriate category for your business from the ones provided on the app.
• Since the users select a category to search for a required service make sure to register your business under correct category.
• In case you select a wrong category, write to us at for correction of the same.

3. Business Email
Official business Email ID
• Mention correct & in use Email ID so that customers can contact you through it.
• Single Email ID only can be used.

4. Business Phone
Contact number used for business purposes
• Mention correct & in use contact number so that customers can directly contact you.
• Two business contact numbers can be added on your profile.
• Update the number if it ever changes.

5. Business Address
Location of the business
• Address consists of 4 sections namely Street address 1, Street address 2, City & Pin Code
• Out of the 4, City & Pin Code are mandatory
• City & Pin Code will be helpful in providing location related filters for your business.

6. Description
Brief description of the business
• You can mention the tagline of the business.
• For an event venue, you can add seating capacity & other details related to the place.

7. Photos
Photos of your business/work/service
• Stock photos are not allowed. Please use genuine images.
• For an event venue, add the best photos of the venue which will give an accurate idea to the customer regarding the same.
• For other business, add photos of your work & services provided so as to appeal to the customers.

8. Display Photo
Display photos are meant to visually enhance the page & to convey information about the business
• Stock photos are not allowed. Please use genuine images.
• The display photo can be your LOGO or any photo which best depicts your business.

9. Events
An opportunity to promote your own event
• This section allows you to ‘add & share’ events that you organize or are a part of.
• This will also keep track of your old archived & upcoming events.