Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the BoaGoa app?

You can access the BoaGoa app at or install the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store

What does ‘BoaGoa’ offer its users?
  • BoaGoa is designed to help our users plan and execute their own events in Goa.
  • Along with listing the contact information of a wide range of services, we have also created an Event Planner curated with checklists especially for Goan parties.
  • BoaGoa would also list public events and parties happening in Goa thus reaching a wider audience.
How do I register as a User?

Kindly Refer to User registration document found at the link below:

How do I search for a vendor?

Vendors can be searched by category or city from the ‘Search Services’ option in the BoaGoa app.


How do I contact a business that I'm interested in?
Any business can be contacted directly via phone call or E-Mail. We provide relevant contact information to make getting in touch with our business partners a breeze.

What is the BoaGoa Planner?
  • The BoaGoa Planner is an easy to use organizer for weddings and other events with curated checklists and customizable tasks.
  • The ability to add vendors, co-organizers and create invitations makes the BoaGoa Planner an ideal tool for organizing any event.
What are the features of BoaGoa Planner?
The BoaGoa Planner offers the following convenient features:

  • Curated checklists in tune with our Goan Culture.
  • Events include traditional Goan Weddings and other cultural functions.
  • Ability to create your own events.
  • Add a co-organizers to the event.
  • Add, change & delete events.
  • Suggestions for associated events with corresponding checklists.
  • Customize tasks and add notes to each task.
  • Check items as completed & keep track of pending ones.
  • Ability to manage vendors for the event.
  • Create & share digital invitations for your event.
  • Easily share events on Social Media.
  • Add images to the gallery to make planning easier and quickly revisit fond memories.
Can I create my own events and tasks?
Yes, one of the key features of the planner allows you to customize events and tasks as required.
What will be included on the event invitation?
  • A picture of choice that represents the event.
  • The name of the event.
  • The date and time of the event.
  • The location of the event.
What is the Vendor Manager?
The Vendor Manager allows you to quickly:

  • Select vendors for the event from an extensive list.
  • Lookup contact information of vendors under different categories.
  • Add details of unregistered vendors to the event.

FAQs for Businesses

What does 'BoaGoa' offer Goan Businesses?
  • “BoaGoa” provides a free listing of your business & lets customers from across the globe contact you.
  • Users can contact your business directly via phone call or E-Mail.
  • There is no middle-man and therefore no commission involved.
  • All businesses are clustered into categories, so every business has an equal opportunity to be accessible to our user base.
  • A user can search for a business based on category and city so that even new businesses get a fair chance.
  • BoaGoa is specifically meant for Goan businesses and artists.
  • BoaGoa allows you to upload and share your own public events.
How do I register my Business on 'BoaGoa'?
What details are needed to register my business?
  • Name of the business
  • Registered address or the city where the business operates from
  • Business Contact number(s)
  • Email address
Is there a time limit till when my Business is visible on the app?
No, there isn’t a time limit. Once verified, your business will be listed on BoaGoa from the moment you register.
Will my profile be discontinued if I do not subscribe to plans in the future?
No. Subscription plans will provide extra features for your business profile and will be completely optional. Your profile will continue to appear on the BoaGoa app.
How will a customer contact me?

Customers will directly contact you via the phone number or E-Mail address that you provide

How do I see other vendors?

You can switch between User View and Business View in order to see what your potential customers would.

How do I set a display photo for my profile?
  1. Click on the photo icon over display picture.
  2. Allow permission for the BoaGoa app to access your phone gallery
  3. Select the desired picture and click on the tick mark at the top right corner
  4. You will receive a message informing you that the photo has been updated

How do I upload other photos to my profile?
  1. Click on the Photos section and then click on the photo icon as shown
  2. Allow permission for accessing your photo gallery
  3. Select the desired image(s)
  4. Your photo gallery is ready to be viewed by users
How do I create an event?
  1. Click on the Event Section
  2. Click on the “+” button
  3. Add details of the event and click “Save”
  4. Add photos/poster of the event
  5. The event will appear for general users once it is reviewed and enabled by our admin.
Do my old events continue to appear on the profile?

Yes, the old events will continue to appear on your profile in the archived section and will only be viewable by you.

How do I let others know about my profile?

Use the share option at top right hand side corner of the page to share your profile over mail, Facebook, Whatsapp,SMS, etc.

How do I share my event with others?

Switch to User View. Use the share option at top right hand side corner of the page to share your event over mail, Facebook, Whatsapp , SMS, etc.

BoaGoa Support

  • We are always here to help. If you are facing difficulties using our app or just need some tips on how to plan your event, reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Phone:

    +91 744 779 8662